Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of you may not know this but I am a HUGE book reader. I read about a book every two days. I know I know, to most of you this may seem boring, nerdy, and that I have no life. ~lol~ But I do have a life. Reading is like opening up a whole new world. You get to be anyone you want. You have AMAZING adventures. Best of all, if you get bored with that life or that life just ends for a short time, you can just open yourself up to a new adventure. If you are a follower of Shell's Stories at then you know how much fun books can be. FYI~ I'm best friends with Rachelle (the blogger of Shell's Stories), we go to the same school, hang out together, we're book juniors, we have most of our classes together, we are in the same BOOK CLUB, and she lets me read all her books (even when she when she gets annoyed with me for asking all the time ~lol~ but she's always nice enough to lend me them). She has an excellent web page and many followers. I hope some day I will be allowed to review early copies like Rachelle does, but until then I hope to review books as soon as possible. I also hope in time you will learn to love my page and be my follower. But just remember I'm just beginning so expect more to come. BYE, LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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